Hello! I’m Claire Guild, founder of The Well-Being Creative.

I am filled with anticipation, joy, a little doubt and a touch of procrastination as I write this first blog.  I have always loved to write, to creatively express my world and respond to how my world affects me. However lately my urge to write has grown, and after many months I have decided to listen. 

This urge to write has also coincided with an urge to step away somewhat from my 9-5 job and create something in my working life that is fully meaningful and purposeful to me. Something that is passion based, connecting and that lights me up inside. This is not just a mild sense of wanting to enjoy my job but comes from a deeper place. I have a strong fire inside my soul, a desire to create by bringing forward my ideas and vision.

This vision has been sitting in me for many years, through many different life experiences. As I approached 40 last year a switch clicked and I knew it was time. Time to let the seed grow, time to step out and time to express myself truthfully and authentically.

So, last year I embarked on training to be a life coach and yoga teacher followed more recently by NLP practitioner and coaching training. I sat with my vision and tapped into it more deeply through journalling, meditation and personal development exercises. I looked at my values of growth, freedom, self development and positive wellbeing and at all of my previously acquired skills in Marketing & Communication, Nursing, Mental Health and Art Therapy. I also looked at my personal experiences including my own journey with physical ill health, love relationships, travel, the years of seeking to find self connection and understanding and the ever present and growing sense of grace in my life. 

From this, my passion project began to grow and a business has emerged. The Well-Being Creative is a heart based business that affords me the gift of being able to help others whilst being myself and living my truth. 

I’ve come to see that living on purpose is not always a straightforward road. It’s challenging, it tests your comfort zone and it’s hard work. Each step has brought many questions and some self-doubt. However, with every step I have felt more connected to myself than ever before and more awake in my life and in my heart.

The Well-Being Creative is a lifestyle based service for women. It offers purpose and wellness coaching, art therapy services and yoga classes to women who are just like me; professional, creative and life-passionate with a desire to live on purpose. Women who love all things lifestyle, health and wellness, who value self connection, growth and personal development. Women who want to explore their potential, share their gifts with the world and live their authentic truth. 

I have used coaching methods, art therapy and yoga practice in my own life to maintain self connection, to restore balance and to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. It works and I believe in it strongly. We all have an innate desire to create something greater in life and to move towards growth. The Well-Being Creative is about acknowledging, understanding and further developing that desire and capacity for growth within ourselves whilst also sharing the journey with others who are like-minded. We walk it together so we can deepen it, expand on it, connect through it and collaborate as a community of life-passionate, purpose-fuelled women. 

I am planning to write a monthly blog that will cover all things related to self connection, health, wellness and purpose based living. I will be sharing this and other tips on my website and through The Well-Being Creative Collective Facebook page. My hope is that eventually The Well-Being Creative Collective will become a community of like-minded women who are growing and achieving together.  It will become a space where women can connect, learn, create and inspire each other towards bigger goals, dreams, and ambitions.  

I am also planning to run monthly, The Well-Being Creative Sister Gatherings in Perth and a variety of groups and workshops that incorporate coaching, art therapy and yoga. Further details of this will be posted on my website, Facebook and Instagram page.

As part of my launch, I have developed a free gift for you; my e-book ‘Unleash: a 7 day creative journey back to you’. This is a wellness focused program suitable for everyone!  It uses visual journalling as a way to creatively access, express and release emotions whilst supporting self understanding, growth, healing and transformation. Visual journalling is a fantastic tool to try, it is evidence based and has been shown to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and understanding and improve general wellbeing.

Click here and sign up for it today! I’d love to hear your feedback!

I’m so excited to be walking and sharing this new journey with you. 

Much love, Claire xx